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Is the Macdeck system available to purchase on finance?

Yes, we offer the option to purchase our system via our recommended financial partners. You may also use your own.


Do you have any current vacancies within JMAC Safety Systems?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh and talented individuals to join our ever-growing team.  Please take a look at our Careers Page for more information.


What’s the lead time for bespoke branded materials?

4-6 weeks from approval of panel design and artwork.

What’s the lead time on MAC branded materials?

Available for immediate delivery, we can have the system on site within 24 hours of order. *Subject to payment & location.


Is Macdeck a freestanding platform?

No, the Macdeck system is not freestanding (yet) and requires 4 walls to support the load.

(Watch this space!)

Can the system be loaded?

Macdeck can be loaded up to 2.0kn (200kg) per m2, the weight should be evenly distributed above the legs, loading diagrams are provided on request for each specific house builder. *Please note, the loading is also determined by the floor joist manufacturers load capacity, you can load our system to 2.0kn. However, please bare in mind the joists may not be able to sustain the leg load imposed when the decking system is fully loaded.

Can scaffold be built through the Macdeck system?

*Macdeck is specifically designed to allow tubular or system scaffold to be built through the system. JMSS have a generic scaffolding design with supporting calculations for the erection of party wall scaffolding to be built through the decking system. JMACs heritage and experience comes through managing a successful scaffolding company, this allows us to tailor and advise on bespoke projects to coordinate scaffolding operations with safety decking platforms, creating value for money for the client.

What leg sizes do you offer?

We offer the Macdeck legs in 3 different sizes 1.5m (white), 1.8m (black) & 2.0 (TBC) we also offer an extendable leg, which extends from 1.8 – 3.0m.

What is the correct way to store the Macdeck system?

We provide extended stillages that store up to 102 legs. The panels should be pallet stacked and banded 25 panels high.

Is free training provided on all purchases of the Macdeck system?

Free delivery & training comes as standard practice with all purchases of our Macdeck system. We feel that training and introducing our product to you is important as we value each customer, and providing a face to face service means we can start our relationship off the same way we mean to go on.

What components are included with the hire/purchase of the Macdeck system?






Is the Macdeck system available to purchase in any other colours?

Our panels are not available in any other colour. However, special requests for bespoke colours can be requested based on quantity.

Our legs can be purchased in either black 1.8m or white 1.5m, two colour options so the different sizes can be recognised.

Why should we choose the Macdeck system as opposed to other industry options?

We’ve gone that extra mile to ensure we’re offering the best quality system on the market. The Macdeck system boasts a range of unique selling points we’re very proud to offer to our client base:


MACDECK provides a safe, robust solution for working at height, allowing you to work in confidence knowing you have the strongest plastic safety decking platform under your feet. The system comes with a dual locking pin safety feature which can be viewed from above to show that the system is locked correctly.


The team here at JMSS ensure all clients are taken care of with a first-class service. We’re proud to have a team of knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff who support clients through every step of their project. We design and manufacture all of our products ourselves, meaning we have stock readily available for clients, even at short notice, our pro-active team can be on site within 24 hours of initial contact.


MACDECK can be branded with your company logos and contact information, when you purchase this product from us. This acts as a great way of promoting your brand, along with being an intelligent theft deterrent too. Did you know that all components can be bespoke branded to you?



MACDECK has you covered with three different sized panels: 1m x 1m, 1m x 750mm and 1m x 500mm. Whatever the shape or size of your project, Macdeck will allow the flexibility for you to assemble the system regardless of the room configuration. We also offer our legs in various sizes ranging from 1.5m up to 3.0m.


MACDECK is light weight and easy to handle, with only three main components, Macdeck is quick and simple to erect and dismantle. The system can be installed by one person, whilst easily erecting 60m2 within an hour.


MACDECK is a quality fall prevention working platform which is manufactured in the UK to the highest possible standards. Boasting a load capacity of 2.0kn, we implemented a rigorous testing regime to ensure the absolute safety & durability of the Macdeck product. We are continuously further developing our product range and keeping ahead of the game.


MACDECK has an innovative design which allows the holes in the deck itself to be utilised to build a party wall scaffold through. Once the internal scaffold has been removed, there is no need to have a void in the safety deck platform, which saves on re- visits to site and improves the build programme.


MACDECK has an independently tested load capacity of 2.0kN per square metre. The Macdeck safety decking system is tested to and far exceeds BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 (for structural integrity and safety factor, for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform) and satisfies the roof non-fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000. Through extreme weather testing, we are able to prove the Macdeck platforms structural integrity is not compromised through exposure to frost or UV.


OPERATIONS (Supply & Fit)

Is there evidence that work has been completed?

Upon each erection and dismantle, a handover certificate is signed by the JMAC installer and a member of the site team. This handover certificate is a legal document to provide proof that, at handover stage, the system is fit for purpose and in safe working order as per manufacturers guidelines. A copy of this handover is retained onsite for their records and a second copy is returned to the office for payment evidence.

How do I use your booking in service for my project?

A specific service is tailored to the needs of each client, you can email info@jmacsafetysystems.co.uk or call our office on 01642 563696.

What is the process should JMSS be successful in securing tendered works?

We will attend a pre-start meeting between the client and our experienced operations team. This meeting will discuss your project programme, time frames and needs, you will receive our operations & maintenance manual, RAMS, booking in procedures training manual, and other supporting documentation. Going forward from this, you can then book in your first plots with our operational admin team and our trained installers will attend site as and when required.


What’s the best way for me to price up your products?

Several factors will determine the pricing of our products and services, including order quantity and design of parts.

Please get in touch with us for a quote tailored to your specific needs.


I’d like a quotation for your Macdeck system/products, what are my options?

Our bespoke quotes are based on what service you require. Please see the various options below:

Full Contracting – We provide a full contracting service which includes the supply, hire, installation, and dismantling of the system in one price per m2 for a set time period*. JMAC will manage the allocation and movement of materials on site, leaving all work areas clean and tidy before vacating site. Our trained supervisors will visit site to ensure the standards are maintained. We provide this service within the NE, NW or within one hour of our Stockton On Tees depot. However, we work with a selective group of strategic partners who are based around the UK who can offer the service levels required – Please get in touch and we will recommend the closest one to you.

*Additional hire charges are incurred per week thereafter, should the hire time be exceeded. 

Hire only – We will deliver allocated materials to site specific to your needs. On delivery we will train your workforce/operatives on how to erect and dismantle the Macdeck System safely, and how to store and manage the equipment. A Macdeck certificate is issued once the trainer has evaluated competency levels. Price will be based on a weekly hire rate per m2 and we will collect the kit upon project completion.

Labour only** – If you have purchased or hired our Macdeck system, we can provide a labour only option where our fully trained Macdeck installers will attend your site to erect/dismantle and safely store the system.

Hire and Labour** – A set allocation of materials will be delivered to site. On delivery, the hire will commence for the agreed duration. This acts as the hire element of works.

In geographical areas or specialist jobs where JMAC can provide labour, a fixed labour cost will then be agreed to run alongside the hire agreement. This hire/labour option will provide the client with a supply and fit service undertaken by our knowledgeable and experienced install teams.

Purchase – Our Macdeck system is available to purchase either Mac branded or Bespoke branded (with your company logo). Prices are subject to volume, location and minimum order quantities where applicable.

JMSS products that are available to purchase with our Bespoke branding service:

Macdeck Panels

Macdeck Legs

Macdeck Base & Heads




Additional ancillary components as well as other Mac products can be purchased separately, please click below for a quote from our team.

** This option is dependent on location or specified jobs, we currently provide this service in NE, NW, Cumbria & South Scotland. We’re constantly growing and evolving, so we always try to be flexible with our clients – If you would require this service but your location is not listed, please give us a call to see how we may be able to assist with this.