Global timber shortages send scaffold board prices sky high

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Global timber shortages send scaffold board prices sky high

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JMAC Safety Systems has successfully weathered the storm of Brexit and Coronavirus combined. The pandemic has wreaked havoc across the globe and it is now having a knock-on effect within the construction industry. Scaffolding material shortages as well as price increases across the whole of the construction industry are putting financial pressure on many UK scaffolding companies.

The CLC has issued warnings over the low stocks of European softwood, the raw material used to produce scaffolding boards in the UK. These concerns are due to the worldwide demand for European softwood which is faltering in availability.

Concerns within the industry

These turbulent times combined with the sustained growth of the construction industry has raised many concerns with leading businesses and organisations in the UK. Historically within house building it has been the industry norm to erect an internal birdcage to give workers safe footing and allow work to continue at height.

This practice means that expensive scaffolding boards and equipment can be tied up for weeks on end whilst the work commences. Industry experts have suggested that the high price of scaffolding boards may take months to stabilise and possibly years to fully recover. This is namely down to the high demand from the biggest global markets of China, America, and Russia. USA is currently stockpiling timber and purchasing record volumes of European softwood which is further fuelling the price increases in the UK.

Scaffold boards
Scaffold boards

Diversification may be the solution

One way that scaffolding companies are dealing with these price increases is to efficiently manage their stock and ensuring that scaffolding boards are not being tied up on site with lengthy projects. More dynamic companies such as Silverstar Scaffolding have adopted a different approach… They have diversified their product offering and now use our plastic safety decking system rather than tying up expensive scaffolding boards on internal birdcages.


Our MacDeck Safety Decking system boasts a load capacity of 2.0kn per m2 and creating the strongest injected moulded panel manufactured worldwide. MacDeck is light weight and easy to handle, with only three main components. It’s quick and simple to erect and dismantle. The system can be installed by one person, whilst easily erecting 60m2 within an hour.

All operatives using the MacDeck System must be adequately trained to ensure the system is installed in a safe and efficient manner. We offer free training to all customers wishing to purchase the MacDeck System. We will ensure that all your operatives are competent before they undertake any work on site.

To find out how you can save money using or MacDeck Safety Decking System, please contact our Hire and Sales team on 01642 563 696.


If you would like any more information on our logistical support then please send us a message.

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