MAC Universal BrickGuard Product Update

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MAC Universal BrickGuard
Product Update

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At JMAC Safety Systems we employ a Kaizen approach to everything we do, this means continuously looking for ways to improve everything within our business; from logistics, business processes and product offerings.

Our revolutionary Brickguard design was created for use in the construction and scaffolding industry as a result of frustrations with various brickguard products over the years. As with every product on the market today, there is always room for improvement. We continuously researched, trialed and tested our brickguard time and time again to ensure we’re offering the best on the market.

Continuous Improvement

We have recently identified an opportunity to improve our unique MAC Universal BrickGuard further. Having listened to customer feedback, our research and development team have improved the handle design to ensure enhanced rigidity and durability to the handle which connects to the scaffolding handrail.

The unique design of the MAC Universal BrickGuard provides a robust, durable and secure connection to the handrail of any system scaffold including:

The MAC Universal BrickGuard is very easy to handle and store using stackable pallets up to 150 units high on a 1m x 1m pallet space, whilst still maintaining a safe load. Alternatively, we also offer a bespoke designed brickguard stillage

New Brickguard Stilllage

Our new stillages can be double or triple stacked. Stillages are a very safe way of transporting goods without needing to load or unload them at regular intervals.

Usually, stillages are stacked on top of each other so that they use less space than other forms of storage. It’s a good way of ensuring minimal risk of damage to your MAC Universal BrickGuards, and limiting any disruption to your working environment. This will not only reinforce your company’s commitment to improving site safety & tidiness but also save money spent on replacing damaged products.

Our stillages are manufactured in the UK and are a full steel welded construction that will serve you for many years of moving, handling and storing our MAC Universal BrickGuard. Our Stillages can be painted in a number of colour options to match the MAC Universal BrickGuard colour choice.

Save Money on Materials

You can gain a 20% saving on materials when you use the MAC Universal BrickGuard over a 100m run of independent scaffolding using 2.5m bays with Ring system scaffold, this is due to the brickguard’s ability to bypass the rosette on scaffolding standards where typical brickguards cannot and 3 components would be required per bay.


If you would like any more information on our logistical support then please send us a message.

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