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Macdeck installation guide – JMAC Safety Systems

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Learn how to quickly and easily install your new Macdeck Safety System with this easy-to-follow guide …

What is a Macdeck and why should you install one?

A market leading innovation in the construction industry, “Macdeck” Safety System from JMAC Safety Systems is a quality fall prevention working platform. The system is designed for those working at heights. Manufactured in the UK at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to the highest possible standards, we use only the highest quality products from early design stage right through to final product sign off. Macdeck has undergone rigorous testing over and above the British Standard health and safety specifications to ensure its absolute safety. The Macdeck system satisfies the following safety standards:

  • BS EN 12811-1 Part 3 (for structural integrity and safety factor, for use as a General Purpose Working and Safety Platform)
  • The roof non-fragility test in accordance with ACR (M) 001:2000.

JMAC Safety Systems have created the strongest injection moulded panel manufactured worldwide. This means that the Macdeck is extremely durable and boasts a load capacity of 2.0kn (200kg) per m2. Rigorous testing means your team can work with confidence, secure in the knowledge that they have the strongest safety platform under their feet. Macdeck also helps your operatives to work more efficiently on a profiled, non-slip surface with height visibility. The system also comes with a dual locking safety pin feature which can be viewed from above to show that the system is locked correctly.

Helping scaffolders make greater efficiencies while maintaining safety and compliance

Primarily designed for house build and apartment projects, we now have a range of clients in commercial, leisure (hotels), and healthcare (care homes) too. For added brand awareness, Macdeck can be manufactured with your logo and company colours.

Macdeck is NOT a crashdeck

A crashdeck – originally a temporary scaffolding platform used to stop falling objects during the demolition process, has come to be a word associated with height safety and possibly stopping a falling person. This is a dangerous and incorrect assumption which implies that if a crash deck is installed it could save a life. This is wrong. Macdeck is a working platform which is designed to prevent the fall rather than mitigate height and consequence and essentially replaces a birdcage scaffold.

Preparing for your Macdeck installation

The lightweight panels and ergonomic handle design allow for easy carrying and compliance with manual handling regulations. The system is also capable of freestanding. The system can be installed by one person, whilst easily erecting 60m2 within an hour. JMAC Safety Systems can install Macdeck for you, or we can come and train you to install it yourselves. Training is simple and will enable your team to quickly and efficiently erect and dismantle on your sites without having to use any of your highest skilled staff.

Using safety decking to erect roof trusses

Flexible to assemble and fits all projects sizes and shapes

Macdeck is available with three different sized panels: 1m x 1m, 1m x 750mm and 1m x 500mm and either a fixed leg or extendable leg option. Whatever the shape or size of your project, Macdeck will allow the flexibility for you to assemble the system regardless of the room configuration and working height needed. The lightweight panels and design of the handles allow the Macdeck to not only be carried easily, but also conform to the manual handling regulations. The system can also be freestanding.

Innovative patented components for easier corner installations and freestanding areas

Macdeck has simple but innovative components which can enhance the system and improve your build process by reducing labour time and revisits to site. Components include a brace and corner bracket. Benefits of the components includes the ability to build a party wall scaffold through the deck without a void and reducing the risk on corner installations.

Watch our step-by-step Macdeck installation guide.



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