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If you’re on our website, you will have definitely heard of Safety Deck Systems. But do you know exactly what they are? More importantly, do you know the difference between a Safety Deck System & a Fall Arrest System? In construction, these 2 phrases are used interchangeably to describe what people think is the same product. In reality, they’re completely different. A fall arrest system includes the equipment you need in order to REDUCE the impact of a fall when working at height.

In comparison, a Safety Deck System is the equipment you need to PREVENT a fall when working at height. We don’t know about you, but we know which one we would prefer to have under our feet. Let’s explore a little more about the differences below.

Safety Deck

Fall Arrest Systems Spotlight:

This type of construction equipment will ‘arrest’ a fall from height, but it won’t prevent it. So if a construction worker has an accident, they will fall onto the air bag or mat which will protect them from severe injury or even a fatality. Looking back a decade ago, before Safety Deck Systems were invented, this was the only option for people working at height. This would have been a good enough option for on site safety & probably minimised a number of injuries then, which is good, but not good enough now. As we mentioned above, it’s so much more important to PREVENT a fall rather than reduce the impact of one. Let’s take a closer look at Safety Deck Systems.

Safety Deck Systems support working in various capacities, allowing you to work on different levels on a non-slip surface with high visibility. Even in the most adverse weather conditions, a safety deck system will keep you stabilised and safe.

Did you know the latest HSE statistics show that 50% of injuries on construction sites were caused by a fall from height? This is why the need for safety deck platforms exists & why our very own safety deck platform, Macdeck (Our JMAC Safety Deck System), has taken the construction industry by storm over the past 7 years.

Safety Deck Systems Spotlight:

Safety Deck Systems are unique and forward thinking working platforms designed for site teams to allow them to work in a safe & secure environment, knowing they have a robust working platform under their feet to prevent any accidents or falls. Safety Deck Systems help construction sites to adhere to the highest standards of health, safety and quality, and are designed and manufactured for both house build projects and commercial projects where working at height is unavoidable. They are classed as “internal fall prevention” & can be used on traditional build or timber frame construction projects. Although safe and robust, Safety Decking is usually a light structure which means it can be erected and dismantled quickly, saving you time and money.

How do you erect a Safety Deck System?

We’ve got experience with most Safety Deck Systems on the market, so we know overall they are simple to erect. However, we’ve made sure our Macdeck Safety Deck System is the ULTIMATE in speed & simplicity when erecting.

When you purchase our Safety Deck System, you will receive an onboarding handbook which details our simple 15 step guide to successfully erecting Macdeck. As a quick example, here’s the first 5 steps to show you just how safe but quick the erection is:


All legs should be made up with the base and heads secured with a pin. Start by standing four legs in one corner of the room approximately a meter apart.


Lift a panel and ensure the panel sits securely in one corner of the base and head unit.


Lean two more legs against the existing legs, ready to install the next panel.


Always make sure you have hold of the centre of the board for stability when lifting.


Continue this process, working to form an L shape down 2 sides of the plot. Do you see why we say we offer the ultimate in speed & simplicity? Following our 15 step guide, one member of your onsite team would be able to erect 60m2 of our Safety Deck System in under one hour.

Why choose the JMAC Safety Deck System?

We’re proud to say that Macdeck is the strongest injection moulded Safety Deck System on the market. Manufactured in the UK using our state of the art facilities, we’ve created a Safety Deck System that not only meets the HSE standards, but exceeds them too.

There are various Safety Deck Systems providers on the market that are suitable for various construction projects, but our vision is to innovate and create new solutions to stay at the forefront of our industry.

Take a look at some of the features & benefits of Macdeck:

  • Dual locking pin feature = Double safety
  • Non-slip surface = Perfect for all weather conditions
  • Customisation = Use your company branding including logo’s & colours
  • Flexibility = Choose from a range of panel & leg sizes
  • Functionality = Lightweight & easy to handle panels
  • Simplicity = 3 components make it easy to erect and dismantle
  • Durability – Long-lasting product handling 200kg per m2
  • Innovation = Our design allows users to build a party wall scaffold through the deck
  • Safety = Our Macdeck Safety Deck System surpasses all health & safety tests.

We hope our blog helped you to understand the vast difference between a Safety Deck System & a Fall Arrest System.

We know we’re (very) biased towards Safety Deck Systems, but can you blame us after reading our comparison!?

We partner with some of the biggest names in construction to provide our Macdeck Safety Deck System to them, a few names include Barratt Homes & Persimmon Homes.

Our Macdeck Safety Deck System is available for hire or purchase. If you would like to find out more, please contact our hire & sales team on 01642 563 696.



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