“Trad Deck” systems: Market-Leading Fall Prevention

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Safety Deck Options

When you’re looking for market leading safety decking, the sheer amount of products and systems on the market is mind boggling.

Options have certainly come a long way in a very short space of time, with different options and variations on plastic, steel and hybrid systems all designed to support those working at height. So which fall prevention system is the best choice?

You have the choice of a Fall Arrest System which includes the equipment you need in order to reduce the impact of a fall when working at height, or a Safety Deck System. This is the equipment you need to prevent a fall – we know which one we would prefer!

You will probably be familiar with the Trad Deck work platform, but in our opinion, Macdeck, designed and manufactured in the UK by JMAC Safety Systems and FASET approved, is worth your consideration for a number of reasons.

Shock Absorption of Safety deck

The best shock absorption safety deck on the UK market, Macdeck’s main draw is its simplicity. Just like Trad Safety Systems, it’s easy to install , lightweight and has just five components. The system can be put together easily and efficiently by a labourer.  As we all know, there is a skilled labour shortage effecting our industry, so any system which frees up your scaffolders is a bonus.

Trad Deck
JMAC's MACDECK innovation from standard Trad deck safety platform

Simplicity and the ease of erection with safety deck also has the knock on effect of time saving.

If you have set prices in place, the last thing you want given the rise in cost of raw materials, is time delays.

Efficiency, simplicity, reducing the need for use of skilled roles where possible and use of time-saving processes like Macdeck safety deck can help you stick to time and reduce costs on back end by failure to meet build programme.

So how do market leading systems such as Trad Deck and Macdeck stack up against more traditional systems, such as steel?

Well, although steel can technically carry heavier weight, it’s less shock absorbent and more expensive In comparison with a plastic system. The quality and structural integrity is better and safer with injection moulded systems.

Trad Deck

When it come to birdcage scaffold for internals, market leading Macdeck is 70 per cent faster to install than traditional birdcages. To erect a traditional birdcage scaffold of the same capabilities as Macdeck would devise a leg load of 7kN (over three times that of Macdeck) which means floor joists would be overloaded and would need to be back propped in the ground floor. 

This increases your material costs and build programme by three days – not great when you are trying to manage a tight budget. Instead, by using Macdeck safety deck, you could have decking installed, scaffold erected and the bricklayers back on site within a day.

There are other benefits of Macdeck over Trad Safety Systems and other market alternatives for those who are working at height. It is the strongest and most flexible injection moulded decking system on the market which comes in three different sizes with a range of extendable legs, which can be used for a huge range of projects.

It’s robust working platform takes care of your operatives’ safety when working at height, helping them work more efficiently on a profiled non-slip surface with high visibility and a dual locking pin safety feature can be viewed from above to give added comfort for your team to see that the system is locked correctly.

We have doubled the required weight and height for the British Standard drop test,  putting Macdeck through rigorous and robust testing as recent as 2018 (Trad deck’s last testing was carried out back in 2005).

JMAC’S market leading Macdeck can work with any budget and is available to purchase, hire or hire to buy.

If market leading deck systems sound like the right fit for your next project, please contact us & our team will be happy to assist.



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