Persimmon Homes

Converting the UK’s largest home builder from fall arrest bags to a safety decking system.


Operating regions


Bespoke components manufactured and delivered to site to date

2,355 (miles)

Travelled to meetings


JMSS were contacted by Persimmon Homes in September 2018 and invited to tender for the group following a review of their safety decking options. Our Macdeck system, along with our competitors’ products, were trialled at a Persimmon site in Newcastle.

We were told in December 2018 that we had been successful in our tender submission, and the following month we began receiving a high volume of enquiries from the various Persimmon Homes regional offices throughout the UK.

Our Managing Director and Branch Manager, Luis McCarthy & Aaron Foley, then travelled around the country, meeting each of the commercial and construction teams face to face to discuss their individual requirements.

What initial challenges did you encounter with Persimmon Homes that could be helped with our Macdeck product?

“I think that the initial challenges were to roll out the different options to group nationally, due to the size, scale and geography’s of over 30 operating regions. All the regions wanted to roll out the transition from fall bags to a safety decking system differently, some regions wanted to purchase, some wanted to hire materials, and others supply and fit. It was at this point we made a plan to visit each individual region and meet with senior personnel within each division, to discuss what options were available and what we could and could not provide for Persimmon, with a view of being as transparent as possible from the word go.”

Luis McCarthy, Managing Director.


We offer our supply and fit service to over 100 sites throughout the North East, Lancashire & Cumbria, where our reputation has been built on offering a superior, high quality, safety product, delivered with a first-class service. First and foremost, we knew we could deliver this same service, across these regions, comfortably to Persimmon Homes.

Once all of our initial meetings were complete, an implementation plan was established on a region to region basis, any areas we identified that would be difficult to offer our first class supply and fit service to, we brought in our strategic partners, who are based throughout the country.

The purchasing regions were fast tracked and we had their bespoke branded crash deck system was designed, manufactured, delivered and installed within 2 and a half weeks from order.

What roadblocks with implementation did you help Persimmon Homes overcome?

“The infrastructure, logistics and supply chain at JMAC is second to none, so we are able to respond quickly and efficiently, ensuring we are proving a first-class service to our clients. We have worked with a range of major house builders, so through our knowledge and experience, we’ve eliminated the majority of potential roadblocks. However, every new client comes with new challenges they need our help to solve. We work with their construction teams to support and guide them through the implementation of the Macdeck system, providing solutions to any roadblocks they themselves may be facing. I would say the hardest part so far has been guiding the various regional offices, whilst introducing them to a product that is completely new to their business.”

Aaron Foley, Branch Manager.


Each of the regions who have purchased our Macdeck system have opted for the bespoke branded parts. As you can see from the attached media, their Persimmon Homes branding not only looks great, but also offers additional security. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Persimmon Homes and building on our existing relationship.