Story Homes


Story Homes is a popular housing developer with schemes in Cumbria, North West and North East England and Southern Scotland. Their mission is to design and build quality homes that people aspire to live in. They produce over 1000 plots per year and operate across 3 regional offices.

31 Sites

Contract & Hire

221,650 Tonnes

Safety decking manufactured, delivered & installed.

3 Years

Working Relationship

JMSS were first contacted by the Story Homes Operational Department in March 2017, as Story Homes were making the transition from fall bags to a safety decking platform. Story Homes had carried out research on JMSS and the rest of the market, taking into account cost, testing, infrastructure and being able to provide the group with the service levels required to be able to roll out a safety decking platform across the group. In the summer of 2017, the first story homes branded panels were introduced to their Brierdene site, in Newcastle.

JMAC Safety Systems evolves from a scaffolding & operations background, meaning we could provide the group with an all in one solution offering a first-class service across all regions. With our expertise and knowledge across the industry, one of our first steps was to work closely with the Story Homes production team identifying the complex house types, providing designs and calculations and coordinating this with scaffolders on site. We provided a ‘Story Homes Specific’ operations manual for the group which looks at each individual house design, and also shows the Story Homes team how to manage Macdeck materials on site.

Our team have also been involved in a number of the Story Homes HSE days since our relationship began with the group. Our Managing Director and Branch Manager travelled across each of the regions to deliver training to the site managers, along with offering support from the full JMSS team through the transition process which included meeting with the production and health & safety teams to assist with the task.

We initially rolled out our services across 10 sites with the group, we’re now on 31 of their sites across 3 regions and our supervisors still attend site and inspect the live platforms on a weekly basis, following our strict QC process and offering our continuous support with any issues or challenges that may arise.

The team here at JMSS are proud to be working alongside a likeminded business who pride themselves on the quality of their end product, like we do. With their brilliant reputation, it’s great to know that our product can add to their excellence, providing their workforce with a safer working environment and giving the tradesmen added confidence in their work, knowing they have a solid working platform under their feet with the risk of a fall being completely eliminated. We’re looking forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with Story Homes in the future.

Story Homes Branded Materials

During the introductory period with Story Homes, the opportunity arose for us to create Story Homes Bespoke Branded materials for the group. This was the first time we’d offered our unique branded service to a house builder, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to do so with Story Homes. Our branded material option offers the bonus of extra security on site, as well as brand awareness. This purchase made Story Homes the first ever UK house builder to introduce their own branded systems on site.

Quotes from the team at Story Homes:

“When we decided to make the transition from fall bags to a safety decking platform, one of the main reasons we chose to go with JMAC Safety Systems was the flexibility that the Macdeck system offered for our house types. We worked closely with Luis & Aaron (MD & Branch Manager) throughout the transition process to listen to the feedback from site teams, and utilise their wealth of experience and knowledge to resolve any issues immediately.”

Adam Osliff, Head of Production, Story Homes

“When we decided to move away from fall arrest bags, we were introduced to the team at JMAC Safety Systems. We were looking to find a quick, easy regional solution for our team working at height.

After some research, we were impressed by the personal touch offered by the JMSS team, along with their flexibility and the support they could offer when rolling out the system and training our team.

We decided to go ahead and trial the Macdeck product, and then rolled the product out gradually across various regions. During the implementation phase, the team were helpful with training and presentations, they also provided a rapid response when required.

We received a very positive response from the team with everyone happy about the overall improved safety the Macdeck system brings. “

Di Parums, Health & Safety Manager, Story Homes