Crash Decking or Platform Decking? What is the correct terminology to use?

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Crash Decking or Platform Decking? What is the correct terminology to use?

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The term “crash decking” is commonly used amongst construction site professionals when describing fall safety solutions. The term crash decking implies there is going to be some kind of impact & It has come to be associated with the possibly of stopping a falling person or a crash or fall from height.

This assumption is wrong and is in fact dangerous because it implies that once a ‘crash deck’ is installed, a worker is safe if they fall onto the deck, this is not the case.

This is why we call it platform decking, and our brand name is MacDeck.


Definitions of the word crash

The etymology of this word was first recorded in 1350, middle English crasche: blend of crase “to break” and masche “to crush, pulp”.

Today there are roughly eight different definitions of the word crash…

1.  (of a vehicle or moving object) to strike violently (usu. fol. by “through,” “into,” or “against”).

The wrecking ball crashed through the wall. The car crashed into the fence. The waves crashed against the shore. 

2. to decline suddenly or fall, as a financial market or currency.

 Many wealthy people were ruined when the market crashed.

 3. to break up or be destroyed through impact and with a loud commotion; smash.

The airplane crashed in the mountains.

4. in computing, to fail suddenly and completely, as a software program, operating system, or component of computer hardware.

When her computer crashed, she lost all of the day’s data entry.

5. to make a loud noise as if being smashed.

Thunder crashed all around us.

6. (slang) to sleep.

I’m exhausted; I think I have to crash now. I crashed on the couch again last night.

7. (slang) to stay overnight, perhaps repeatedly, in a place that is not one’s own, sometimes with permission but generally without invitation.

He doesn’t have any money, and he’s been crashing at his old girlfriend’s place.

8. (slang) to feel intensely depressed after a drug-induced euphoria.

I was on a great high but then I crashed.


With all of these different meanings of the word “crash”, it is easy to understand why people can become confused.

Whatever you choose to call it, Crash Decking or Platform Decking are BOTH internal fall protection solutions, the best system on the market is called the MacDeck. This our very own internal fall protection solution which is designed to ‘prevent the fall’ rather than ‘mitigate height and consequence’.

MacDeck provides a safe solution for working at height, allowing you to work in confidence knowing you have the strongest safety platform under your feet.

MacDeck provides a robust working platform which takes care of your operatives’ safety, helping them work more efficiently on a profiled non-slip surface with high visibility. The system also comes with a dual locking pin safety feature which can be viewed from above to show that the system is locked correctly.

For more information safety decking platforms, crash decks, or whatever you choose to call them… Take a look at our MacDeck