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With so much complexity & so many choices already taking over our working days, one thing that’s important to us here at JMAC Is simplicity, especially when it comes to the design & manufacture of our product range, we strive to ensure we keep things as simple as possible for the end user.

With this in mind, we wanted to talk you through our JMAC product range and demonstrate how we have achieved a market-leading mix of innovation & simplicity in each of our offerings.

Let’s start with our primary product; Macdeck.

Our Macdeck Safety Decking System provides a safe solution for working at height. Our simple but strong design encompasses all aspects of other market-leading options, but with ease of use at the core of the design. Wondering how? Check out our examples below:

Panel Design: We have designed our panel to enable the operative to carry more than one panel at a time, a simple added extra but one which saves time on site.

Scaffold Allowance: Macdeck is specifically designed to allow tubular or system scaffold to be built through the system. JMSS have a generic scaffolding design with supporting calculations for the erection of party wall scaffolding to be built through the decking system. JMAC’s heritage and experience comes through managing a successful scaffolding company, this allows us to tailor and advise on bespoke projects to coordinate scaffolding operations with safety decking platforms, creating value for money for the client.

Quick inspection: We have included visual slots in our system which allows you to simply check if the Macdeck platform has been pinned properly from above, instead of having to be below the system.

Less components: Macdeck comes with less components in comparison to competitor steel systems, which means less room for error. Simple.

You can read more about the Macdeck’s unparalleled safety features and benefits by exploring our Macdeck product page.

Next, let’s move on to one of our most popular products within the JMAC product range which we brought to market last year; MAC Universal Brickguard

This product has been designed by scaffolders, for scaffolders, meaning we have created the most innovative version of this product on the market. So, what makes this product so simple to use? The fact that it is compatible with all major scaffolding systems. This includes; layher, Plettac & peri ring system scaffolds, Haki and cuplock system scaffolds, and tube and fitting scaffolding. Our BrickGuard Is also the only one on the market to bypass the rosette on the ring system scaffold. It also fits securely over the obstacle created when the brickguard is fitted to Haki scaffolding. There’s many more USPs to our MAC Universal Brickguard, these are just the ones which reinforce the simplicity of the design.

Discover how the MAC Universal Brickguard can keep you safe and secure while working at heights.

Our most recently launched product is the MAC Ladderguard, which has the tagline ‘One Product, One Key, One Solution’ which tells you this product is about to life on site easier straight away. Our simple solution to stop unauthorised access onto scaffolds has already been purchased by 5-star housebuilder; Barratt David Wilson Homes, and distributed across all of their NE sites. The Mac Ladderguard can be secured against both steel & wooden ladders and is also HSE compliant. Another example of innovation and simplicity working in sync at JMAC.

Learn more about the MAC Ladderguard’s innovative safety features and how it can protect you while working at heights.

Lastly, we want to showcase how easy our Extendable Leg is to use and how it’s flexibility can benefit a wide range of construction projects. Firstly, one leg fits all, which shows you how simple this product is. It can be used for traditional build houses, 1.8 platform, timber build frames, 2.0 platform, or commercial buildings which are typically 2.4m – 3.0m platforms. Along with this, the working load Macdeck when being used in conjunction with our extendable leg remains at 2.0kn (200kg), even when the platform is erected at 3.0m.

Discover the versatility of our Extendable Leg! Learn more about its features and benefits.

Simplicity is one of the key reasons we believe our product range Is so successful in the construction industry. Achieving simplicity is something which takes a lot of hard work and dedication, so by no means is it a simple process to create a simple product!

We offer free demos across the whole of our JMAC product range, if you would like to find out how we could simplify your work on site, get in touch!

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