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Ladder Security – How to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding and other work platforms

Everyone can agree that the security of your construction site is of paramount concern, especially when it involves the health and safety of the general public. Scaffolding on all major construction sites can seem like an inviting and exciting playground for young children. Although there may be signs and warnings in place to deter people from climbing on the scaffolding, young children do not have the ability to understand the warning signs and comprehend the danger in the same way as adults. Site managers need to protect the young and vulnerable from the risks of using scaffolds and ladders as playgrounds.

There is a long history of children, being tempted to gain access to construction sites in order to climb on scaffolding in search for fun, but often this leads to tragic consequences and more often than not, a fatal fall from height. For this reason, it is vital to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding or other working platforms.

Where ladder removal is not possible, access to the ladders should be prevented by a lockable mechanism and selection of a guard that is suitable for the ladders being used is very important.

Many people secure the ladders using perimeter fencing, local fencing and ladder removal out of working hours/ We think the quickest and mist effective option is the use of a ladder guard.

Our Mac Ladderguard is compatible with steel and wooden scaffolding ladders. Through its unique design the Mac LadderGuard removes the need for a padlock and chain. One key fits all, & better yet, the Mac LadderGuard is HSE Compliant.

Our ‘one size fits all’ LadderGuard is the ideal deterrent to prevent unauthorised access onto scaffolding sites, whilst complying with HSE guidelines. The security of a construction site is crucial, clients and contractors must ensure that unauthorised access onto scaffolding is prevented, not just outside working hours, but also at times when workers are present but out of sight.

Protect your employees and ensure workplace safety with JMAC’s LadderGuard. Explore the benefits and features of our innovative safety system and safeguard your team today!