Our BrickGuard is going global

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Our BrickGuard is going global

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Total is rated one of the top ten integrated oil and gas processing companies in the world. Their facilities include the magnificent Antwerp refining and petrochemicals complex, currently the largest facility in Europe. This immense platform is growing to meet global demand and address the new market trends. JMAC Safety Systems has recently supplied this highly efficient integrated complex with a total of 18600 MAC Universal BrickGuards which have been manufactured and distributed to Europe from a plastic injection moulding facility in Billingham. The Mac Universal BrickGuard is compatible with all popular system scaffolds, this includes; Layher, Plettac & Peri Ring System Scaffolds, Haki and Cuplock system scaffolds, and tube and fit scaffolding. The compatibly & unique design of the BrickGuard is what first attracted Total to JMAC Safety Systems.

This huge overseas export piqued the interest of the Teesside Mayor; Ben Houchen, who recently visited our manufacturing facility in Billingham. Ben was impressed with our innovative range of products that are helping to keep the construction industry both safe and more efficient. He was also impressed with the technology that has gone into our manufacturing process which has enabled us to enter global markets.

The COVID-19 pandemic has gravely impacted the global economy, this is why it is more important than ever, during periods of economic downturn, to trade internationally and create a more inclusive, sustainable, and resilient global economy.

Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi, Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, UNCTAD suggests that the impact of COVID-19 on international trade has been many and varied. The world has seen falling commodity prices, reduced manufacturing output and disrupted operations in global value chains.

Despite Kituyi’s claim, JMAC Safety Systems has continued to steam ahead with manufacturing; creating more jobs and generating more revenue for the North East.

Herman Van Rompuy, former president of the European Council, warned recently that European countries, “Will want to keep more strategic activities in Europe in their own hands. The world will not de-globalise economically, but there will now be a greater tendency to emphasise strategic autonomy.”

The European market is being reshaped, our objectives are to build long lasting relationships with petrochemical companies in Europe and respond to market demand by manufacturing high quality products at a low price; something that our competitors have failed to achieve.