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Extendable leg | fall safety solutions

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If you’re looking for fall safety solutions for hire, have you considered our extendable leg?

Here’s a few ways our Macdeck extendable leg could help with your next project:

ONE > Gives the ability to work on a wider range of construction projects.

Investing in the JMAC Extendable leg will open up new project opportunities for your business and give you the added flexibility of choosing your platform height with our fall safety solutions. This product extends from 1.8m up to 3.0m, meaning you could use it across a wide range of projects, such as; traditional builds, timber frame or commercial buildings.

TWO > Saves time in comparison to birdcage scaffolding.

In comparison to an internal birdcage scaffold that can be labour intensive, time-consuming and more expensive, the JMAC extendable leg allows easy and simple installation of up to 60m2 per hour with very few components.

THREE > Load Capacity.

We’ve created a durable and strong product, meaning the working load remains the same as a general-purpose scaffold at 2.0kn (200kg) per m2, even when the platform is erected at 3.0m. In addition to this, we have added our shock-absorbing ‘supersock’ at the top of the leg, this allows impact and energy to be absorbed diverting the initial impact away from the surface of the system. We use stringent and robust testing measures, so you can be confident you have the highest quality working platform under your feet.

This product is manufactured from a fibre reinforced polymer, and we have various colour options available. We’ve included some information below on some of our most recent work with our JMAC Extendable leg.



Company: Persimmon Homes Durham

Project type: New apartment block build


Company: Wildgoose Construction.

Project Type: 69-bed care home in Ampthill, Bedfordshire


Company: Hall Construction – Spen Farm, York

Project Type: Construction of Spen Farm for the University of Leeds, which houses the Pig Research Unit.


Company: Brims Construction

Project Type: Durham Road Baptist Church refurbishment into an apartment block.


Company: Griggs Homes

Project Type: Restoration and refurbishment of existing building Hanstead House into high-end luxury apartments.


Company: Marwood Builders / Kestrel Safety Systems

Project Type: Implementation of Swimming pool at Tattershall Lakes, County Park.


We’ve included a selection of images of our Extendable Leg in situ, on-site:

fall safety solutions


If you would like any further information on this product or if you have any questions, we’re always free for a chat! Email aaron.foley@jmacsafetysystems.co.uk