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Universal Brickguard For Scaffolding |

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We wanted to share our latest update with you for our one most popular products, the universal Brickguard for scaffolding: Mac Universal Brickguard.

The client feedback on this product has been fantastic since we first introduced it to the market last year, which means we’re so pleased to have been able to upgrade this product further and make it even better for our end users. Our products remain in constant test mode, meaning we’re always looking for ways to enhance and improve them and this led us to adjust one key aspect of our BrickGuard.

We have also had one of UK’s leading hire & sales wholesalers invest in the product which speaks volumes in regards to the quality of the product.

However, one thing we noticed during the launch stage of this product was an issue with our handle design. The original handle design we had was fit for purpose, however, we noticed operatives were struggling to comfortably remove their fingers from under the handle when applying/removing the BrickGuard from the scaffold. To improve this experience, we created a new handle design which we’re pleased to say is now manufactured on all of our Universal BrickGuards for scaffolding, which are fully stocked at JMAC HQ.

Take a look at the images below to see a before and after of our handle design upgrade:

Universal Brickguard For Scaffolding

Mac Universal Brickguard Specifications:
The MAC Universal BrickGuard is compatible with all scaffolding systems, including:
Traditional Tubes & Fittings (UK/Circular 48mm)
Ring Type Systems (Layher, Plettac, Peri)
Haki Guardrails, Ledgers & Frames
Advanced Guardrail Frames popular with Peri & Plettac
Designed groove in BrickGuard bypasses ring to provide flush face of the BrickGuard.
Can be stacked 150 units high on pallets for improved logistics and transport.
Interlocking to create 500mm overhanging section to compliment system scaffolding bays on tube and fitting scaffold.
Can be manufactured with personalised branding displaying company branding and logos.
Tested to BSEN12811 – 1 on all major scaffolding systems with unrivalled performance.
Increased Length of the product allows the Mac Brick guard to fit all system scaffolding toe boards.


If you would like more information about our Universal Brickguard for scaffolding, you can contact our Hire & Sales Manager, Aaron Foley, on aaron.foley@jmacsafetysystems.co.uk