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Welcome to JMAC Group.

Although many of you may only know us as JMAC Safety Systems, we also have two other companies within our group.

The JMAC Group consists of three companies; JMAC scaffolding, JMAC safety systems & JMAC Industrial Services. JMAC has been part of the Construction Industry since 1981 when JMAC Scaffolding was first established. Fast forward to today and JMAC Scaffolding has become a market leader in the Scaffolding industry with a reputation we’re very proud of, and an unrivaled commitment to providing high-quality scaffolding services. You can read more by visiting the JMAC Scaffolding website.

We then introduced JMAC Safety Systems to the construction industry in 2015, and in 5 short years have become a market leader for the design, manufacture, supply, and installation of fall safety solutions in the UK. Our innovative product range helps clients across the scaffolding, building, construction, and maintenance industries to protect their employees, whilst working at height.

Most recently, we have introduced JMAC Industrial Services to our group and we are now offering a range of services, which includes: Access, blasting, and painting, insulation, alternative access, rope access, fireproofing & NDT Inspections. As proven with the rest of the JMAC Group, we take calculated, evolutionary steps forward in business to ensure our market-leading mindset leads us to further progression and expansion so we’re excited to see where JMIS takes us next. Our industrial website is currently in the build process, if you would like to see what we’ve been getting up to, all updates are on our company LinkedIn page.

Although our 3 businesses may operate in different ways, something that remains consistent across the whole of the JMAC group is our mission, vision, and values, which are all based around a culture of safety, innovation & relationships. We’re going to be posting an updated version of our mission statement, vision & values in our news section next week. Watch this space! We’d love to hear your thoughts. In the meantime, If you would like to hear more about us, or any of the JMAC businesses, feel free to get in touch with us.