Introducing Macguard, the permanent, free standing guard rail system.

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Powder Coated To Any RAL Colour
Personalised Branding Available
Pre-cut Tube Design


The JMAC Safety Sytems Macguard product has been designed for use in the construction and scaffolding industry. The flat base, minimal trip hazard system is fully manufactured in the UK. Like we do with all of our products, we’ve researched and tested our Macguard to ensure we’re offering the best specification on the market.

Tested to allow upright spacing at 2.47m and up to 3m centres, it comes with pre-cut size tubes/ledgers, which makes the system modular. There is no need to set out the bases prior to installation, as the pre-cut tube designates where your next base is to be situated.

Macguard is sleeveless, saving customers money in labour costs which is unlike other systems on the market. It comes complete with end caps and rubber mats already applied to the system, which also helps reduce labour costs. Macguard can be supplied with company branded logo end caps, so that your firm’s brand is visible after installation.


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Complies with all working at height regulations
Tested to BSEN13374 (2013) for class A Static A loads
Is fully Galvanised to BSEN1501461
An anti-slip and heat transfer rubber EPDM mat
All its fittings TUV tested and approved
Conforms to BSEN14122-3 section 8.2 (specific design)
Conforms to BSEN1991-4 wind loading


Do you have any current vacancies within JMAC Safety Systems?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh and talented individuals to join our ever-growing team.  Please take a look at our Careers Page for more information.

Is the Macdeck system available to purchase on finance?

Yes, we offer the option to purchase our system via our recommended financial partners. You may also use your own.

Is Macdeck a freestanding platform?

No, the Macdeck system is not freestanding (yet) and requires 4 walls to support the load.

(Watch this space!)

Can the system be loaded?

Macdeck can be loaded up to 2.0kn (200kg) per m2, the weight should be evenly distributed above the legs, loading diagrams are provided on request for each specific house builder. *Please note, the loading is also determined by the floor joist manufacturers load capacity, you can load our system to 2.0kn. However, please bare in mind the joists may not be able to sustain the leg load imposed when the decking system is fully loaded.

Can scaffold be built through the Macdeck system?

*Macdeck is specifically designed to allow tubular or system scaffold to be built through the system. JMSS have a generic scaffolding design with supporting calculations for the erection of party wall scaffolding to be built through the decking system. JMACs heritage and experience comes through managing a successful scaffolding company, this allows us to tailor and advise on bespoke projects to coordinate scaffolding operations with safety decking platforms, creating value for money for the client.

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