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MacHatch | Access Hatch

Improve your house building process with our MacHatch. Designed to allow easy and safe access between floors, resulting in reduced labour time along with improved health and safety on site.

About Features Resources Specification & FAQs

Introducing the first product of its kind



Our exclusive design has been brought to the market to allow safer and easier access between floors during the building process. We’ve ensured we have created a ‘one size fits all’ design for this product, which means it can be installed with any joist layout design during the simple installation process.


The sizing of our hatch allows materials to be passed easily between the ground and first floor, meaning all workmen on site will be able to carry out their individual tasks quicker, easier and, most importantly, safer.


Simple by design, simple in use. The Machatch simply slots into the joist design, allowing easy installation and a straightforward work process.


  • Ladder Access Door – to permanently or temporarily fix the ladder into position.
  • Main Access Door –  access is gained through the Main access door by on-site personnel using a ladder between floor levels, once entry has been made the hatch can be closed eliminating the risk of a fall.
  • Material Access Door – The material access Opening allows materials to be passed between floor levels, whilst the main access door remains closed, eliminating the risk of a person falling through the opening.
  • 4 Holes within the outer frame allows the Machatch to be fixed securely into position.
  • Simple installation – Only 2 bolts required for fixing doors to the outer frame.




MacHatch Installation

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JMAC Your Safety, Our Vision


Sizing of the hatch allows the safety decking systems to be passed safely and with ease between floor levels.
Simple step by step installation process.
Can be installed with any floor joist layout design, due to the frame dimensions. (550mm or 600mm joist layout).
Manufactured from robust, hot-dipped galvanized steel & aluminium.
Load and impact tested to British Standards BSEN12811-Part 3 & in accordance with roof non-fragility test ACR (M) 001:2005.
Non-slip multi-directional SUPA GRIP profiled mesh tested to BS7979 Part 2, a standard used by the Health & Safety executive.
Manufactured in the UK at our state-of-the-art facilities.
Currently supplied to the UK’s major housebuilders such as Barratt & Persimmon Homes.


Do you have any current vacancies within JMAC Safety Systems?

We’re always on the lookout for fresh and talented individuals to join our ever-growing team.  Please take a look at our Careers Page for more information.

Is the Macdeck system available to purchase on finance?

Yes, we offer the option to purchase our system via our recommended financial partners. You may also use your own.

Is Macdeck a freestanding platform?

No, the Macdeck system is not freestanding (yet) and requires 4 walls to support the load.

(Watch this space!)

Can the system be loaded?

Macdeck can be loaded up to 2.0kn (200kg) per m2, the weight should be evenly distributed above the legs, loading diagrams are provided on request for each specific house builder. *Please note, the loading is also determined by the floor joist manufacturers load capacity, you can load our system to 2.0kn. However, please bare in mind the joists may not be able to sustain the leg load imposed when the decking system is fully loaded.

Can scaffold be built through the Macdeck system?

*Macdeck is specifically designed to allow tubular or system scaffold to be built through the system. JMSS have a generic scaffolding design with supporting calculations for the erection of party wall scaffolding to be built through the decking system. JMACs heritage and experience comes through managing a successful scaffolding company, this allows us to tailor and advise on bespoke projects to coordinate scaffolding operations with safety decking platforms, creating value for money for the client.

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