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Ladder Hatch Reinvented | Machatch

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This month marks the launch of our ladder hatch product, the Machatch. We’re adding to our continuously growing suite of health and safety products with another innovative solution to solve issues on site. This particular solution is for easy and safe access between floors. To achieve this, we have redesigned the ladder hatch.


We’ve been working on our new product for over 3 years whilst working closely with site teams, operatives, and suppliers throughout the process. This was to ensure the MacHatch supersedes any alternative industry options.


Our research for this product began in 2017. This was when we started looking into the issue of there being no suitable, tested, and safe means of access and egress between floor levels, during the construction phase of new dwellings.


We’re proud to launch our product as the future of safe access between floors. The MacHatch has been trialed, tested, and further developed over a 3 year period to ensure the quality is of the highest standard and we’re offering a superior product. During this period, we have worked alongside some of the UK’s largest housebuilders. We are confident we have a product that meets all requirements from an operational, commercial, and health and safety perspective on site.


Our USP’s


The multi-door ladder hatch has been specifically designed to overcome any issues which may arise on site. For example, if a safety decking platform leg lands on one door, operatives are able to use another door to safely gain access to the upper floor levels. The new safety hatch design has been carefully thought out, to ensure speed and productivity is maintained onsite with safety in mind.


Another great USP is the fact that one size fits all. The dimensions of the safety hatch allow the frame to sit within 550mm & 600mm width joist layouts. This means our hatch can be used anywhere within the floor joist layout, the hatch is screwed into position using the 4 holes situated in the frame. In addition to this, the non-slip multi-directional super grip profiled mesh is tested to BS7976 Part 2. This standard used by the Health & Safety executive, giving users added confidence in all weather conditions.


The Machatch is made in the UK using locally sourced materials and a local supply chain. It is available in 2 types: a cost-effective steel option & an ultra-light weight aluminium option too. Both options are available across the UK immediately for hire or sale.


To enquire about this product, please use the below contact information:


Telephone: 01642 563696